Not all consultants are created equal.

The right approach makes all the difference.

Your Museum Matters

I believe that every museum, historic site and public space has the unparalleled capacity to connect people to a place’s particular meaning and identity. The experiences visitors have at these sites can enhance their sense of community and expand their understanding of where they are and where they come from. These interpretive opportunities are invaluable, and it’s my job to help my clients make the most of them.


No One Size Fits All

I pride myself in taking a consultative approach to every project. I begin by assessing the project’s needs, and if the situation calls for it, I assemble a team of professionals whose expertise makes them especially qualified for the project. Throughout the process, I make a point of listening carefully to the client and tailoring my work to their needs. The end result is a plan that is specific to each institution’s particular circumstances, making it highly actionable in both the short and long terms.



I recognize that my clients have customers of their own to serve: visitors. So while I strive to satisfy my clients’ needs, I work to keep the visitor perspective in the conversation as well. I bring this balanced mindset to the table on every project.