So far February has brought some great news. After teaching two workshops for the Texas Historical Commission and Texas Association of Museums on interpretive storytelling, I was selected by the THC through a competitive bid process to develop and teach a brand new workshop on interpretive writing. Starting in June, I’ll teach this day-long course six times at locations all over Texas, to be followed by a webinar in July on selecting interpretive images.

Leading the previous workshops on interpretive storytelling made me realize just how much I enjoy teaching. The classroom dynamic is really fun, and even though the basic structure of each workshop is the same, the participants make the conversations different each time. It’s a unique kind of challenge, and I’m excited that I get another go at it.

In the meantime, I’m going to begin developing my teaching materials. I’d like to hear from you (my audience!): what would you like to see in a course about interpretive writing?